Bike Chain Fidget Necklace

My little bike chain fidgets have become my go-to solution for dealing with crowded or noisy subway cars and loud construction on the streets of NYC. I found a way to keep my bike chain fidget close at hand (and stylish!) by Turning it into a necklace. After much experimentation, I created a prototype and decided to share my fidget necklace idea with you! My bike chain necklace features a silver plated triangle jumpring and a soft but strong nylon string with a breakaway anti-choke plastic clasp. Each necklace is approximately 17 inches in length, which I have found to be the perfect length for me. For differently sized fidgeters, the necklace length can be easily adjusted according to your preference. As an added bonus, I have found that these necklaces make great conversation starters. People often ask about this unique piece of jewelry, and it's great for raising awareness about fidgeting, Autism, ADHD, and the fact that us differently abled individuals aren't amazing despite of our differences, but because of them. This handmade fidget necklace features one of my Little Bike Chain Fidgets- made from 3 bike chain links and a key ring. The chain links can be easily pushed through the key ring in a repetitive and calming manner. As this product is made from a real bike chain, Imperfections, color variations, and chips in the paint may occur.

Source by shiragami345